The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and Travel Market Report (TMR) teamed up to supply travel agents with tools to measure their own businesses against the market.



Numbers. They Stack Up.

Graphs do a phenomenal job of comparing figures. However, an entire book of plain Jane graphs can seem pretty monotonous, so my task was simple: make it look nice!


Firstly taking a look at the data, I decided to have the graphs be a little more playful yet coherent to the business folk. I took the ideas of standard charts and pulled, stretched, twisted, inverted, bent and warped them again and again ...also once more after that.

...A little more playful but still coherent to the business folk...

Many business documents are quite drab and have a muted or desaturated feel on the colour spectrum. Since my forms were so bold, my colour had to be as well. I used a lot of saturated hues with with an analogous relationship thread running throughout. The document’s viewing experience was ultimately richer for it; the whole amounted to more than the sum of its parts.







Colour Palette


Unique Forms

Oh, hello attractive geometry

The Project.