Cookie Jars Will Never Be Irrelevant

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting at the dining table eating breakfast. I glance up at a package of oatmeal cookies, then I glance at my empty cookie jar and think to myself, I should fill it when I’m done. Then I notice this particular pack of cookies is housed in a new resealable package so the air doesn't get to it and ruin the cookie experience. Then I think ‘oh cool, that’s the role my cookie jar use to play’. I look at my cookie jar and admire its design and craftsmanship and then back to the cookie package which someone also took the time to design but with a different purpose.

In my mind I go over how much nicer the cookies look in my cookie jar, just on an aesthetic level. This cookie jar was bought because it goes so well with the decor in the kitchen. It is made of glass, has a nice weight to it when you pick it up and has a silver clasp that is sturdy and strong. It definitely keeps the air out. The cookie jar was made with the intention to last. It was made for many uses, not just something cheap and disposable like the plastic package.

The jar made me think about permanence in our lives, the things we own giving us a certain feeling and also visual appeal. Think about all the things you own that are there to stay. Someone spent time designing it, and that aesthetic spoke to you in a way that you could look at that particular object and say “this is me”. A lot of items today are similarly made so what makes us choose one over the other? Maybe our decision process was made for us when we saw its build quality. Perhaps it was a peculiar colour that caught your eye or the material used felt good to the touch. The designers are the ones who appealed to your senses and it was their intention to do so. If a thing has value to you, it will not be discarded. It will be kept and appreciated.

When you look around your house, apartment or room — take a look at all the things that make it YOURS and realize a designer made that and spoke to you through it. Design is important and cookie jars will never be irrelevant.