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Regency Blinds is a premier manufacturer and purveyor of the most innovative and contemporary trends in window treatments in Kingston, Jamaica. In an effort to expand their reach, Regency created a showroom in the island’s second largest city, Montego Bay. The separate entity known as Blinds Concepts was formed.


A Meaningful new look

Initially, Regency had approached me to modernize their logo and do a singular print ad.


Prior to this, all marketing was produced by various outlets and lacked any sort of unison; all the collateral was done piecemeal. I neither wanted to be a cog in that wheel nor did I think it would have been effective for their prospective and current clientele. Thus, I proposed a top to bottom re-brand; a meaningful new look that would set them apart from the competition as well as present a clear message to consumers.

In addressing the new venture of Blinds Concept however, this required fresh brand with no visible affiliation to Regency Blinds.


The Logo

People buy blinds for a several reasons, chief among them being privacy and shade. Reduced to its fundamental notion, privacy means solitude whilst shade alludes to the absence of direct sunlight. To me, the combination of these in my mind signified serenity. Blinds have the power to make a house a home. What does one do after a hard day? Retreat to their home, close their blinds and relax. This is tranquility.


Tranquility is in the stillest of moments; instances when everything is calm and even when time itself seems to stop. This is the true power of blinds. The Regency logo’s iconography illustrates the blinds’ tassels hanging steady to embody that moment. Regency Blinds is a Jamaican family run business of proud Chinese descent. In China, the colour red represents happiness, prosperity, warmth and love. This became the primary colour in the buttress of the brands visual language.


Moment versus Momentum


While experimenting with the idea of tassels, the perfectly still strings conveyed a reflective calmness. This juxtaposed with my sketches where time and time again, the tassels were in motion which were more kinetic and hectic - the opposite of the logo. I began to explore the idea of using motion to express the energy of bodies. Reflecting upon the workflow of Regency it became apparent. The momentum comes from their mobile crew on location installing the window treatments. A duality existed between the object at rest and the object in motion. The logo applied the still strings while collateral pieces used by employees (business cards etc) would don strings in motion.



The Blinds Concepts Logo

The Blinds Concepts Gallery & Showroom was  designed for consumers to experience the treatments in physical space because the beauty of the product comes from the build quality, patterns and materials. The logo’s design philosophy dances around the same ideas as its parent company. The iconography subtly suggests the ability to turn the sun off with its open horizontal lines while the contemporary sans serif typeface “Gotham” gave modern feel.