Conference Branding . Signage . Animation

Travel Market is a trade show that is focused on Travel Agent education. It is hosted by  American Marketing Group and features educational sessions from industry experts, interactive panels and thought provoking presentations.



2016 was the first time AMG decided to do a theme branded event. Held in Palm Desert, which was notoriously known as the Rat Pack’s old stomping ground the event adopted a 1960’s theme to elicit an era where customer service was truly personal.


A personal touch

There is a common misconception that in the age of technology and online booking engines Travel Agents are obsolete. We pushed the idea that not only are they flourishing, they give a personalized service that cannot be matched by an online engine.

We took the concept that agents were regarded as "old school" and used it to our advantage. We linked this notion with the rise of retro in popular culture and branded our collateral to reflect the values of the 1960’s era while embracing the platforms of today.



Swatches + Typeface


...Grainy backgrounds & funky typefaces...

We imitated the feel of the 60's by looking at commercials & concert poster design from that era, both written and visual content. The language became incredibly important to push the style over the edge. Above you'll find the art I mocked up for the collateral and below you'll see how they were used in light box and email collateral. Hand brushing, grainy backgrounds and funky typefaces, what more could you ask for? (Click to enlarge below)


Light Boxes


E-burst Shell


Please Take Your Seats

To get the audience engaged and set the tone of the event I created an animated video to carry the message in a fun and easily digestible way. By the time the audience was seated they had already received multiple retro ebursts, walked through the hotel halls and passed retro light boxes whilst greeted staff dressed in period. It was time for the lights to go down and give a little wow factor. Enter Old Blue Eyes.

The main idea of freedom was symbolized by a piece of paper.

My colleagues had found a speech given by Mr Frank Sinatra at the 1960's Oscars. He spoke about the state of the film industry and the need for artists to make quality films instead of money men looking to make a profit. This idea was applied to the travel industry and the script was rewritten and re-delivered with a Sinatra impersonator. Using that and music as my backing track I animated the frustrations of booking online and the freedom of using a travel agent to see the world. The main idea of freedom was symbolized by a piece of paper. I loved the analogy of paper because it is tactile. It is something that can be transformed. In the video it is warped into a paper plane, then a boat and finally a flying crane which traverses the world. I wanted to liken this to experiencing the hands on service of a travel agent. It also represented freedom that transcends any boundaries when coupled with the support of AMG.