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American Marketing Group (AMG), is a marketing organization that comprises a broad network of abundant resources. They provide the infrastructure, marketing services and business operations which give support to independent travel agencies to increase sales and build their brand.


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An agent's agency

There are 18 brands which fall under the AMG umbrella but I'll focus on the two main brands I've designed for.


TRAVELSAVERS (TS), is a travel consortium that offers an abundance of marketing support to its now 3,000+ agencies. Parallel to TS in the luxury market is The Affluent Traveler Collection (ATC). When a travel agent/agency subscribes to TS/ATC, the agency benefits by receiving a wealth of collateral and content which is personalized to them and disseminated on their behalf. Thus, if you are an independent agent, you are guaranteed the support of a large team that ensures your business’ competitiveness.

...Ever wide ranging scope...

What I love about AMG projects is their ever wide ranging scope. Due to the diversity of the company, there are several vehicles and media to design and cater to. These are my exploits.


The Spa Collection

The Spa Collection app is an amalgamation of the world’s finest spas. Each spa features an introduction, photos, spa service menu,exclusive offer and a special feature. I decided to present the app like an interactive version of ATC’s The Affluent Traveler magazine because all of our content was birthed there. I utilized scrollable text to handle the word count, slideshows to keep imagery in one spot on the page, and icons to denote spa variables to manage screen real estate.


the Initial Layout



I opted to use icons in the app to denote the amenities that each property possessed. (golf, gym, concierge, sauna etc). It proved to be visually appealing whilst eliminating the need for extra copy.


Dual Orientation


Culinary Cravings

The second iteration of the app was Culinary Cravings; a look at fine dining in hotels around the world. The Spa app took a number of elements from its print counterpart but, with this new app I wanted to manage things in a more elegant fashion. My primary goal was to make the app a visual delight and to utilize the vibrancy and colour that these beautiful screens could produce. I took long blocks of copy and positioned them behind buttons, essentially making it an optional reading experience. This streamlined the interface of the app whilst simultaneously allowing the user to maintain control.

My primary goal was to make the app a visual delight and to utilize the vibrancy and colour that these beautiful screens could produce.

The Simplified Experience



I used a gold lining on any button that was interactive so the user has an easier time acclimating to the visual language of the app. This is with the exception of the "close" button of course. I made the assumption that users were tech savvy enough to recognize that.




TS publishes a quarterly magazine entitled Journeys while ATC puts out a biannual magazine called The Affluent Traveler Collection.



Direct Mail

Both TS & ATC utilize direct mailers on behalf of their agents to advertise travel to consumers. There are two types of mailers: The first being a supplier specific mailer which is designed with the suppliers’ brand guidelines in mind. For example, the Norwegian Cruise Line which elicits a comfort factor due to consumer recognition. The second type is a conglomerate of offerings by multiple suppliers revolving around a particular theme (family, vacations of a lifetime, cruise, etc). This provides greater freedom design-wise as most supplier brand guidelines tend to be very rigid (and rightly so). Occasionally however, it is nice to have that flexibility to work with less confines.

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It's what's inside that counts


Single Page Print


Lights, Camera, After Effects

Animation has always been a love of mine and anytime I can put motion to a design or an idea, I usually take advantage. Here are a few opportunities I took. Writing may not be my forte but I was happy to write the ATC Symposium Opening Video. For the affluent crowd I think it spoke to the core tenants of luxury quite well.